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Your Trans Dad is here to get filthy!

Have you ever fantasised about fucking a hairy, masculine guy with a dripping wet cunt and a big hard clit? Hi! I'm Ron, I'm here to make your fantasies come true

"A night you'll never forget with the hottest Trans Bear in town"

Taking testosterone has given me a very masculine look, including a thick beard, low voice and plenty of body hair, but I've still kept my hungry, wet cunt as it is - though my clit has grown to about an inch from the hormones - and it gives me (and others) a lot of pleasure.


I changed my appearance with hormones and surgery, but the mental changes, self knowledge and self love that came with it are much more valuable to me. I'm very comfortable in my body and I love sharing it and seeing what it can do.

I'm easy going and open minded with a broad range of interests I enjoy talking about including art history, Queer politics and philosophy.

​Ron's stats

Age: 39

Location: Bristol, UK

Sexuality: Bisexual

Role: Switch

Height: 5ft2in / 158cm

Weight: 154lb / 70kg

Do you like to see me squirt?

Showing off my luscious fur and hungry squirting Man Cunt  really gets me off, it's so much fun trying out different horny scenarios whether I'm in a suit & tie, my thigh high Dr Martens or nothing at all!

"Truly one of a kind - and truly insatiable!

I started escorting and shooting porn back in 2015 and took a few years off before getting back into it in the spring of 2023. With the massive improvements in filming technology and the growth of sites like OnlyFans and JustForFans I was very excited to start making my own porn, and its just been getting better and sexier!

As well as solo videos I've been very lucky to get to shoot with a load of extremely sexy guys including Ed FTM and BA Bear. I've got more lined up over the next few months so keep an eye out.

I plan, shoot and edit all my own videos, and I really enjoy the creativity of producing fresh, original, high quality fucking hot content every week.

Photo credit: Bear Hotel

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Photo credit: Joshi Dot Photo

Will you be good for Daddy?

There's no need to be nervous if it's your first time playing with a trans guy, or even touching a cunt. Let me be your guide and show you exactly how to make me squirt. I'll be honoured to be your first!

I love getting passionate, sweaty, rough and kinky with deep kissing, deepthroating and deep fucking. I'll always have a big grin and an occasional giggle, I can't help but show how much I'm enjoying myself.


Sex is an exploration of ourselves and each other, and I love learning about and trying different fetishes and kinks. I recently got a clit pump that I've been getting a lot of use out of, and I've been enjoying getting more into power bottoming, dominating guys while I ride them and telling them exactly what to do to please me and my Cunt, then rewarding them with a big squirt all over them. The scope and depth of human sexuality is truly fascinating! 

I'd love to hear about your kinks and fantasies, and how we can explore your ecstasy together. 

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